Leave Application for Marriage Ceremony (Own Marriage)

By | February 13, 2016

Your own wedding is probably the only time when you can be sure that you will be given time off from work for sure! But you will need to inform your boss that you would like to take time off for a certain amount of days. And how would you do this? By writing a leave application to your supervisor.

What exactly does one put in a leave application for one’s own wedding? Apart from telling your boss that you will be getting married on a certain date, you may need to chart out how you will manage making sure that the company’s work isn’t affected. Since it won’t take you too long to write that you are getting married (unless of course you want to provide details of the marriage ceremony), you might consider detailing how your work will be handled while you are away. If you know that a colleague is capable of holding the fort until you return, mention which coworker can do this for you. If you have any pending projects, make sure you finish them off first!

Do not make your leave application letter a bore. Bring some humor into it! After all, you are getting married! But do not be overly familiar with your boss. Even if you have a great rapport with him, do not risk him being offended by silly jokes. Here is a somewhat humorous leave application letter that you can take ideas from:


Leave Application for Marriage Ceremony 


Renee Clayton
Administrative Assistant
(000) 525-0989
renee @ email . com

February 12, 2016

Mr. Dave Osborne
Project Director
Gruene Environmental Companies
5265 Santa Ana Road
Hollister, CA 95026


Dear Mr. Osborne:

I need to take 2 weeks off from work as I am getting married on March 5, 2016.

My marriage ceremony will be held at St. Anthony’s Chapel in El Monte. Since I will be travelling to a different city, it is important that I spend at least a few days there before I fly off for a short honeymoon in Paris. I have spoken to Ms. Delia Hodgkin’s in the human resource department and she has assured me that I have a 30 day annual leave that I can take for this purpose.

I would appreciate it if you would approve my leave as soon as possible so that I can make arrangements to leave. I may be contacted via cell phone or email throughout the period of my leave.

Thank you very much for your consideration.



Renee Clayton

PS. Your invitation to the wedding is enclosed with this leave application letter!