Sample Christmas Letter to Teacher

Should you write a Christmas letter to your teacher? Of course you should! Things have changed dramatically over the last few years. Where it was once considered too “fresh” to write a letter to a teacher to wish her for anything, it is actually appreciated nowadays. A Christmas letter to your teacher can be both… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Employees

It is the season to be jolly so why not be jolly along with the people who have served you relentlessly throughout the year – your employees! Everyone looks forward to Christmas not only for the holidays that they get but the overall Christmassy feeling we all have. If you can add another feel-good factor… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Boss

Spreading goodwill especially during Christmas time gives one a very noble feeling. You can write Christmas cards or letters to your friends, family members, coworkers and even your boss! Yes, it is alright to send a Christmas letter to your boss and it will not be taken as a means of buttering up! Christmas cards… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Daughter

As one of the most popular holidays celebrated over the world, Christmas is a great time to reconnect with people with whom you have not had the opportunity to meet for a while. This can also include family members who have been away for a certain period of time for work or education purposes and… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Coworker

Wishing your coworkers a happy Christmas is a great way of getting close to them during the festive season. It does not matter if some of your coworkers do not celebrate Christmas (a different religion perhaps); they will still appreciate a greeting from you. Since Christmas is a special time of the year for almost… Read More »

Halloween Party Invitation Letter Sample

Overview One of the most anticipated date of the year is October 31 – a day when you can scare the world and will not be judged for it! Halloween is a fun time for both adults and children. People dress up as their favorite scary (sometimes not so scary) character, carve pumpkins to make… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter from Teacher to Parents

As a teacher, you should leave no opportunity to connect with your students’ parents especially if you have a class full of young children. After all, you would want parents to know about their children’s progress periodically and the more opportunities you get, the better it is for all parties involved! Christmas is a great… Read More »

Christmas Letter Sample to Clients

Many people would wonder why it is important to write a letter to wish Christmas to clients. Many of us would probably just want to connect with our clients to celebrate the spirit that we feel at this time of the year. Businesses send out Christmas letters and cards to their clients for several reasons… Read More »

Leave Request Email to Manager for Cousin Marriage

Most companies have procedures in place that govern how an employee can take time off. There is usually a form that you need to fill out in which you can just tick the appropriate box for your reason of leave. For companies that do not offer this privilege, you will need to write a request… Read More »

Apologize Letter to Boss for Mistake

So now that you have made a mistake at work, it is time to turn things around. How, you ask? Through an apology letter of course! Believe it or not, an apology letter can make things better for you at your work place even though it may not really correct whatever happened. Merely saying sorry… Read More »

Thank You Letter for Payment Received

Whether it is an outstanding payment that has finally been received or one that has been received for an order that has just been placed, writing a thank you letter is a professional thing to do. A thank you letter serves as an acknowledgment and also gives you yet another chance to communicate with a… Read More »

Thank You for Your Consideration Letter Sample

Thank you letters or emails are sent following many situations. You might want to thank another person for their business or interest in a project or you might want to thank them for considering you for a particular position. In the latter situation, you will most probably write a thank you letter after an interview.… Read More »