Letter for Non-payment of Rent

By | December 19, 2016

There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than a tenant late in paying rent, especially, if the tenant doesn’t even inform you of the delay or give a valid reason. It’s something so rude and unfortunately, occurs very often.

If you’re a landlord, then you probably experience this inconvenience a lot. You must have to remind them over and over to pay rent. However, how often do you send a written warning? No matter how many times you remind them verbally or in passing, it doesn’t quite work like sending them a letter for their non-payment. It’s one of the best ways to get things done, written communication.

Here’s a letter for your convenience, perhaps with a few changes you could make it your own.


Sample Letter for Non-payment of Rent


December 19, 2016

Nathan M. Oates
2460 Lightning Point Drive
Memphis, TN 38138


Dear Mr. Oates,

It has come to my knowledge that you have been late to pay the rent of your previous four months, and now you are dragging it into your fifth. The manager, Mr. Rainer, had no choice but to inform me of this, as he alleges that you were uncooperative when he spoke to you about the matter.

This has escalated to a point where it is no longer acceptable. Our policies are lenient, and allow up to a three-month wait in collecting rent. However, you have stretched our patience to the limit.

If there is a valid reason for which you have not been able to pay your rent, please enlighten me. If the rent is too high, I can refer you to the best place within your budget. When I had accepted your letter of intent, I checked your credit records and they were quite promising. According to them and the reputation of the current company you are employed in, you should easily be able to pay rent. That is why I am curious to know what has kept you from paying your dues when you were so regular before.

If there is not a valid reason then this letter is an official reminder for you to pay your outstanding rent, fully and without further delay. You’ll have up to ten (10) days from the date of this letter to pay your outstanding rent, or else you will be evicted. If you continue to not pay your dues even after your eviction, I will take legal action against you as is recommended by the state.

I have no pleasure in writing this letter, Mr. Oates. It brings me great disappointment to have to act in this way. However, policy is policy and that cannot change, in the face of such behavior that has been reported to me.




Bailey O’Brien