Sample Letter to Tenant for Nonpayment of Rent

By | June 28, 2015

It is nothing short of pure pleasure to receive a check for a certain amount each month. However, renting out your property and then not receiving rent for it is quite annoying. And puts you in an uncomfortable position with your tenant, with whom you may have had a pretty good relationship up till now.

But if you are not being paid what is due to you, you do need to follow up – and fast, before the rent amount piles up. How you follow up depends on your relationship with your tenant. Writing a letter to your tenant is the best way of connecting with him and informing him of the situation. Not that he won’t know that he hasn’t paid rent but you need to make it official from your end so that it can be documented.

A letter to your tenant should not be anything fancy – a few details of why you are writing to him are enough. Keep your letter to the point and avoid threatening language. If this is the first time that the tenant has failed to make a payment, you have no cause to worry – it may just be a one-time thing. Even if the tenant hasn’t paid you in a few months and it is your first actual letter to him, you still need to be polite and respectful.


Sample Letter to Tenant for Nonpayment of Rent


June 28, 2015

Mr. Jason James
7283 S Harrison Road
East Orange, NJ 07236


Dear Mr. James:

Upon checking my records, I happened to stumble upon your account and realized that you have not made payment for the property rented out to you (7283 S Harrison Road, East Orange) since March 2015. As you have always made online transfers and the amount is credited to my bank account automatically, I have not been keeping up with your payments and only came upon the missing payments this morning when I looked through my bank statement.

As per the agreement signed between us (copy enclosed), you are liable to pay rent to me, amounting to $1000 each month before or on the 10th. As of now, your outstanding rental amount is $2000 – after a couple of days and another $1000 will be added as June is also coming to an end.

I would appreciate it if you would deposit the amount mentioned above in my account or give me a check for the same immediately so that I can manage my finances efficiently. Please feel free to call me at (222) 222-2222 if you have any concerns.

Thank you.



Ernest Jackson
38 Oakwood Avenue
East Orange, NJ 27364
(222) 222-2222
ernest @ email . com