Sample Letter to Tenant about not Reporting Leaks

By | June 13, 2019

Being a landlord is not the easiest of things.

You may think that all you have to do is let the place out to a tenant, and then receive monthly rent.

On the contrary, it is much more than this. Since the place remains yours technically, you have to make sure that the tenant does not damage it.

It is your right to check the premises on a regular basis, and if you see any issues, you also have the right to demand an explanation.

If you have found yourself to be in a situation where a tenant has not reported leaks, it is time for you to take action.

But before you do anything, write a letter to him or her demanding why leaks were not reported.

This way, the tenant will provide you with a reason, and may even offer to fix it, without the chances of you having to spend on it.

Here is a sample letter to a tenant, about not reporting leaks:

Sample Letter to Tenant about not Reporting Leaks

June 12, 2019

Mr. Brad Pittsburg
97 Youth Street
Carson City, NV 80983

Dear Mr. Pittsburg:

This is with reference to your rental house (97 Youth Street, Carson City). Please refer to the enclosed copy of the contract between us, which clearly states that any maintenance and repair issues must be communicated to the landlord immediately.

Upon a recent inspection of the house, I discovered 5 leaks in bedrooms and the kitchen. These seem to have been there for a while, since the walls are obviously wet, and the seepage is entirely out of control. In the kitchen, the pipes under the sink are also leaking, and there is a decidedly rotten smell coming from the whole house.

I am sure that you understand the consequences of such leakages. These should have been reported and fixed many months ago. Now, the cost and the effort of fixing this issue is colossal. Also, since you have violated the terms of the contract by not reporting the leak issues, I believe that the responsibility of having these fixed is on your shoulders.

It is essential to know that the place that you call your home must be taken care of like home. Please get back to me immediately so that we can sort this out.


Ross Dweller
87 6th Avenue
Carson City, NV 89098
(000) 210-9878