Vacate Notice Letter to Tenant due to House Sale

By | June 13, 2019

Being a landlord is not easy especially when you have to sell a house that you had initially put up for rent.

However, if that is the case, you need to write a letter to the tenant to tell him or her that they have to vacate the property.

This might not be too easy. For one, you may have developed a bond with the tenant.

Asking him or her to move out might not be a pleasant task.

However, if you have done to it, you must write a letter that details exactly why you have no choice but to do this.

Technically, it is your house, and it is your choice what you do with it.

In your letter, politely tell the tenant about the new prevailing circumstances. Once you have done that, provide a timeline. Be very courteous. And firm.

Here is a sample letter to a tenant to vacate the house because you need to sell it. Use this sample to get ideas.

Vacate Notice Letter to Tenant Due to House Sale

Jackson Miner
(000) 854-9656

June 13, 2019

Mr. Robert Hall
55 Crete Place
5th Street
New York City, NY 46900

Dear Mr. Hall:

This is with reference to 00 ABC Street, New York City, NY, which is a place that you have rented from me. I am writing to inform you that the house has been sold. Please consider this a 60 day notice period to vacate the premises.

You have been a model tenant, and I have never had any complaints or issues with you. However, I had been going through a severe financial crunch, owing to which I had no choice but to put this house up for sale. I understand that this situation makes it a tad difficult for you handle since I need them to hand over the house within 75 days from now. It will take me a few days over your notice period to clean the place before I can hand it over to the new owners.

It has been wonderful dealing with you. Please rest assured that my decision to sell had nothing to do with the status of your tenancy. You have always been wonderful in every aspect, and have never given me any trouble during the past 5 years that you have lived here. If anything else was possible, I would not have had to take this drastic measure.

Thank you for understanding my predicament at this point.


Jackson Miner