Lunch Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

By | December 3, 2016

If the thought of appearing for an interview instills fear in you, you need to rethink your coping strategy.

Learning to go with the flow is important while preparing for an interview. If you do not pay attention to the preparation part of an interview, your chances of success diminish. Do not let that happen.

Work on yourself psychologically to ensure peace of mind. The minute you are at ease in the head, that is the instance you will lead yourself to success.

For a lunch monitor position, here are some questions that you may come across at an interview:


Lunch Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

What specific duties do you think you will be performing if hired as a lunch monitor at our facility?
As a lunch monitor, I will ensure that all students are led to the cafeteria in a proper queue, oversee students while they eat their lunches, ensure that they behave properly, provide assistance to them by securing trays and handling seating arrangements, and ensure that all cafeteria equipment is in good working order.

What personal attributes do you think are important to possess in the role of a lunch monitor?
The personal attribute that I believe is most important is an authoritative nature. In addition to this, it is important for lunch monitors to be great communicators, exceptional leaders, and possess the ability to handle adverse situations such as bad behavior and altercations between students.

If you found yourself in a situation which posed potential harm to a student, what would your reaction be?
My first instinct would be to save the student from any kind of harm. I will do all that is in my power to make sure that the situation does not pose harm to him or her. When the situation is diffused, I would look into why it prevailed and take measures to ensure that it does not transpire again.

Tell us of a time when you came out shining.
There was a grade 2 child who had accidentally lodged a piece of chicken nugget in his throat during lunch time. He could not breathe and couldn’t call out either. Since I am an observant individual, I noticed the situation and immediately performed First Aid to dislodge the offending piece of food, saving the child from choking on it.

Apart from student duty, what is the first thing that comes to mind as far as work duties of a lunch monitor are concerned?
Ensuring that the cafeteria is safe comes to mind first. A lunch monitor does not only oversee students during lunch time. It is also his or her duty to see that cafeteria furniture is in good repair, equipment is working optimally, and that the place is cleaned and sanitized properly.

What is your particular way of making sure that the cafeteria is in a constant state of readiness?
As soon as one batch of students leaves, I make sure that the cafeteria is cleaned and sanitized. I also make sure that there is a consistent supply of food and beverage items. Effort in both these areas keeps the cafeteria in a constant state of readiness.