Bank Authorization letter For Withdrawal

By | December 11, 2016

You know the importance of a bank authorization letter when can’t go and give your word anymore. The times have changed. I’ve seen countless people who aren’t allowed to do what they came for simply because they lacked this very letter. Sure, it sounds tedious to write a letter for authorizing every little thing, such as a simple withdrawal. But, if people could just go up to the bank and say they have your permission and the bank just believed them, then you would go bankrupt in seconds. This is integral for you and the bank, since a loss for you is a loss for them.

I myself get a letter written for every little thing, because if there is one thing I can’t stand that is people in authority making my life hard or talking me down. These little letters save me so much time and energy.

Now if you need to write a bank authorization letter for a withdrawal, and if it’s a large withdrawal you will have to know that usually, it’s not really such a slice of cake. Banks take their security very seriously. The authenticity of your letter will be thoroughly checked, and rechecked, by many. You may even need to make a phone call or write down your phone number, so they can call you to confirm.

Here are some tips for writing a bank authorization letter for a withdrawal.

Prove Why You Can’t Come Yourself
Is the withdrawal urgent? It must be if you have to write a letter to authorize someone else to get it. Are you sick? Then attach a doctor’s note. Are you out of town or abroad? Tell them specifically why. You need to understand you’re asking the bank to make an exception for you, and for that they need a valid reason, or they will simply decline.

Be Direct But Courteous
You probably don’t have much time in your busy life, and the last thing you want is to be running around in circles because of the bank. So be direct in what you want, and don’t dance around the subject. However, you also need to remember, this is the bank doing you a favor; allowing someone else to make a withdrawal in your place at such short notice. How do I know it’s short notice? If it wasn’t, you would surely go and withdraw the money yourself.


Bank Authorization letter For Withdrawal


Johnathan Andrews
857 West Street
Mount Vernon, NY 01422
(000) 857-8547
j.andrews @ email . com
Account No: 01158256474

December 11, 2016

Mr. William G. Griffin
Branch Manager
Stonewell Bank
612 Taylor Street
Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Dear Mr. Griffin:

I am writing this letter to authorize my son Elliot Andrews, who will be carrying his driver’s license to confirm his identity, to withdraw money from my bank account on my behalf. I hope you can sanction this withdrawal, and do what is needed in this case.

My bank account number is 01158256474 and I need to make a withdrawal of $25,000.00 (Thirty-five thousand dollars). I know that this is a large amount, and no one other than I can make such a withdrawal. However, I am unable to leave my hospital room for three days.

I just survived a car accident two days ago, and since I do not have insurance, I need to pay the hospital in cash. I also have to pay for the treatment of my wife and youngest daughter, who were accompanying me. I have survived with a lot of very minor injuries, but I have been strictly forbidden by my doctor and family to move.

If there is any need to confirm the authenticity of this letter, you may contact me at (000) 857-8547 to confirm the authenticity of this number.

Thank you,




Johnathan Andrews