Parents’ Consent for Student Permit Sample

By | September 18, 2016

When do you need your parents’ consent to obtain a driver’s license? When you are not yet of age to drive a vehicle, but are old enough to handle one! Depending on what the circumstances are, you may be asked to bring in your parents’ consent before the authorities give you a permit.

If you are alright with your child to obtain a temporary driver’s license, you may provide them with a parents’ consent for a student driver’s permit. This document may be written as a to whom you may concern document or filled out as a form, depending on what the motor vehicle authorities require from you. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has an age limit set for teen drivers – anyone under 18 can get a students’ permit, provided that their parents agree. Most states require consent forms or letters so that parents assume responsibility for first time drivers. In case an unfortunate incident such as an accident or traffic tickets ensues, the parent(s) take both legal and financial responsibilities.

In some states in the US, a parent or guardian may be required to sit at the passenger seat while the underage driver maneuvers the car, so that he or she can supervise the driving and ensuring that they stay safe on the roads. If your state requires you to provide a consent letter, here is a sample that you can look through:


Sample of Parents Consent for Student Permit


September 18, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

This is with reference to my daughter, Elina Gordon, who would like to apply for students’ drivers’ permit. As her custodial parent, I hereby make application in support of the minor (aged 17) named above for a driver’s license to operate a passenger vehicle (auto shift).

Please refer to the required enclosures that you may require in order to process this request:

• Certified US birth certificate
• Proof of social security
• Proof of school enrollment
• Proof of enrollment in driver’s education program
• Payment of $5 learners’ permit test fee and $36.25 license fee (in cash)

I declare that Elina is ready to take the test as she has already completed the required hours of driver’s education – please see enclosure for reference and proof. I understand that if I have any concerns about the fitness or ability of my daughter to drive, I will report these concerns to the director of motor vehicles, who may take action regarding her privilege to drive. I have read and understood the warnings stated in the DMV documents and comprehend the consequences of making a false declaration.



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