Slip and Fall Settlement Demand Letter

By | October 27, 2014

Insurance companies often have to take the brunt of personal injury claims due to the rise in people adopting the compensation culture.

Where a simple ‘sorry’ would suffice some decades ago, an entire case is now filed against the offender.


Slipping and falling is one of the most common types of complaints that people make.

The situation could be anything; an individual slipping and getting hurt on a sidewalk in front of a store or on the stairs inside a store.

If the place in question wasn’t safe, it is the owner’s responsibility and it is up to him to make it up to the victim.

Shop owners are usually very careful where customers are concerned but if you do slip and fall in the vicinity of a shop or the likes of it, you may ask for compensation.



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Here is a settlement demand letter that you may be interested in if such a situation does occur.


Slip and Fall Settlement Demand Letter


334 Greystone Avenue
Attleboro, MA 63729

June 8, 2019

Mr. Howard West
Attleboro Health and Life Insurance
1002 Main Street
Attleboro, MA 63738


For Settlement Purpose Only

This letter is a formal notification for settlement of $5000 on account of Mr. John Doe, owner of Macy’s located at 782 Meerkat Avenue who is a client of Attleboro Health and Life Insurance. On May 23, I was on my way out of Macy’s when I slipped and fell on the exit area because the area had just been mopped but no warning sign was posted.

As a result of the fall, I have had a significant injury to my back, which has resulted in me being admitted to Attleboro Medical Hospital for three days. Upon my doctor’s instructions (copy of the instruction leaflet enclosed), I am required to stay away from any hard activity for three months. However, my work as a construction laborer does not allow me to do this as I will lose a significant amount of my income. But I have no choice and will have to forgo my pay for the next three months.

Please refer to the enclosed copies of my hospital bills and income loss report. These will provide you with information on how much I have had to suffer in terms of financial loss. Please make arrangements to have the total amount ($5000) to be paid to me within 10 working days of the receipt of this notice. I would appreciate a prompt reply.




Ben Afflick
334 Greystone Avenue
Attleboro, MA 63729
(000) 900-0000