Sample Letter to Parents about Bad Grades

By | December 12, 2016

A teacher has a really important role to play in a student’s life; and if a student of hers, under her wings, performs lowly then the rest, both the student and the teacher feels bad about their own performances. And every now and then, sending a letter or communication with the parents would be malleable for the twain.

As a teacher’s job is hectic most of the year, it’s best for him/her to inform the parents about their child’s academic performances. These kinds of letters are usually formal or ornate, so it would be preferable if you use ‘old-fashioned’ words. Make it quick and informational; there’s no need to elaborate much. Show your concern for the child, and find out the reason behind the child’s slipping of grades.

Providing the parents with some satisfactory suggestions can help them understand more about their child’s school-work, and would make your tasks way easier.

Let the parents know that you’re there for them if they need any sort of help, and tell them what you can do to make their child’s grades more adequate.

So, here’s a sample letter from a teacher to the parents her student about poor grades:


Sample Letter to Parents about Bad Grades


Lilly Newman
English Teacher
Some School
San Diego, CA 65244

December 12, 2016


Dear Mrs. Bentley:

I am writing to inform you about bad grades of your daughter Jennifer Wales who is currently enrolled in my class.

We want every student to perform prodigiously, and my goal is to provide the students with a novelty experience this year. I’ve noticed that for the past month, Jennifer has been performing more poorly then her usual, missing some classes, and not completing her due assignments.

I would like to work with you to reassure you that your child has a flourishing and productive year at school. It would be helpful if you could ask her to bring along a diary everyday, so that she could write down what is to be done, and it would be preferable if you could sign it after she has completed her assignments. I would admire it if you talk with her about her grades and ask of her mood daily.

I am sure that together we could make value, and your response would be indispensable to me. I will try my best to make your child have a significant year, and I have high expectations from all of my students.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (000) 584-8548 whenever help is needed from me.



Lilly Newman
English Teacher
Cedar Cove High