Sample Termination Letter for Insubordination

In any workplace, it is imperative to keep the working environment free from people that can harm it. One of those people is someone who does not listen to you. As an employee, if one doesn’t do something their job description mandates, or does not respect the employer enough to listen, they have not grasps… Read More »

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

There comes the point in our professional lives where we are forced to leave our dream jobs due to a hostile work environment. Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time? Is there someone bullying you, harassing you or picking on you at the workplace? Know that we get it. Been… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent for Medical School

If you feel a genuine calling for helping people and your curiosity for learning is higher than your fear of having your hands hold a beating heart inside someone’s chest, if you do not fear using your instincts, combined with your knowledge to get the best result, then you are destined to be a doctor.… Read More »

Warning Letter to Tenant for Noise

A landlord’s worst wish would be if the tenants they just made an agreement with turn out to be a really rowdy, vociferous, loud and disruptive family. If anything of this sort happens, and you get complaints from other residents, the best thing for you to do is take care of this situation instantly; otherwise… Read More »

Warning Letter to Tenant for Cleanliness

While a sensible landlord is always perturbed with keeping the premises of the rental-unit in the best condition, unfortunately, most people aren’t concerned; being concerned about this issue isn’t even in their to-do lists! Whether you just noticed that your rental-unit looks exactly like the one in Neon Demon, or that your lawn is like… Read More »

Sample Recommendation Letter for Friend

Sporadically, a friend, relative, family-member or someone you may know might ask you to right a recommendation or reference letter for him/her. Some especially need recommendation letters if it is their first job, and they have the potential but haven’t had the chance to show word experience that is quintessential. To write such a letter,… Read More »

Warning Letter to Tenant for Pets

No matter how much you love animals: furry or funny, slimy or slithering, four-legged or two-legged, scaly or feathered, you certainly don’t want them in your rental-unit. If a signed rental documentation expressively states the prohibition of pets, and you find them on your property, you’ll have to let the tenants know, in no speculative… Read More »

Warning Letter to Tenant for Smoking

If you’ve been a landlord for a while, then you know that the trouble-free tenant is a myth. I would love to say otherwise, but once you’ve put your property on the market you will be dealing with all sorts of people from the Brady Bunch to the Hoarders from Hell. I’m a big fan… Read More »

Recommendation Letter for Babysitting Job

A recommendation letter is exceptionally important for a candidate, interviewee or a potential employer! Especially, a babysitting recommendation letter, the parents really need to know the past of the person they’re about to hire to take care of their children. The guardian of the child really needs to know what past employers have to say… Read More »

Letter from Parent to Teacher for Late Homework

It’s not out of the ordinary for your child to not do their homework; however, as a parent it is important to let the teacher know that you’re aware of this, and will handle this accordingly. There’s no more appropriate way than to write a formal letter to your child’s teacher explaining the delay. In… Read More »

Child Support Reduction Letter Sample

When someone is ordered by the court to pay child support, then it’s possible to have that amount reduced under the right circumstances, such as a reduction in pay or the loss of a job. Of course, you’ll have to check the rules of your state, as every state has a different policy for these… Read More »

Letter of Acknowledgement for a Job Well Done

When someone under your command does an exceptional job at something, and you want to encourage that behavior, then you should write a letter to acknowledge a job well done. It may seem like just a letter and won’t accomplish anything; however, acknowledging good performance at work does a lot in the long run for… Read More »