Apology Letter to Teacher for Late Homework

It is only natural for someone to be late handing in a homework assignment. In fact, it can even happen to the best students. Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes there can be an emergency or maybe you forgot. Anyhow, whatever caused you to submit your homework late; I am glad you took… Read More »

Letter of Complaint for Missing Goods

Nothing can spoil the excitement of ordering something, only to find out some goods are missing. If the supplier or retailer is a good one, and if you write a complaint letter, they’ll figure out how to compensate you and you’ll probably get those missing goods. Before you begin, release your anger and irritation, because you… Read More »

Outstanding Payment Collection Letter Sample

It feels really weird to ask a customer or client to pay their outstanding bill. Generally saying, there isn’t anyone who would find the act of recovering money owed pleasant, but it’s the job; one that demands writing letters for the purpose of collecting outstanding payments every day. Such a letter needs to be formal,… Read More »

Fundraising Letter for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations do a lot for society. If you’re working for one, I salute you! Part of the daily chores of a non-profit organization is writing fundraising letters. Since some organizations don’t work for just one cause, they have to write an array of different letters, fundraising for different causes. This can be a little… Read More »

Sample Request Letter for Work Experience Certificate

In a perfect world, you receive a work experience certificate the moment your resignation was accepted. However, this is not a perfect world, and most employers do not hand over the certificate, until you request it through a formal and professional letter. Even though it is one’s right to receive an experience certificate, one has… Read More »

Request Letter for Restoration of Driver’s License

If your driver’s license has been revoked, suspended, or for any reason you’re without one, then you can simply write a request letter to restore it. In the letter, you have to convince the recipient, in most cases a judge, that you urgently need your driver’s license. Reasons could be that you need your car… Read More »

Sample Request Letter for Financial Assistance

At some point of their life or another, anybody can find themselves in need of financial assistance. It could be for any reason; to pay school or college dues, for a medical emergency, or to simply have a meal after days of hunger. The letter should have three basic parts; the first is where you… Read More »

Sample Thank you Letter to Donor for Large Donation

If your organization receives a funding of any kind, sending a thank you letter to the donor is essential! Research shows that while sending these letters, using these two significant ingredients will do the trick for you: 1- Timing, and 2- Content. As soon as you get a donation, especially if it’s a large one,… Read More »

Sample Donation Letter for Homeless

If you’re an organization working for the cause of helping the homeless, asking for donations and fundraising is a necessity to collect the capital needed or to cover the expenses. The first thing that you should do is to know to whom to send the letters, do your research to find prospective donors. Once you’ve… Read More »

Sample Fundraising Letter for Cancer Patient

Cancer is something that not only affects the person suffering from the illness but it also hurts everyone close to the patient to see their loved one suffer a fatal illness. It is only natural for a family with a member suffering from cancer to try to fundraise for medical treatment, as cancer treatment is… Read More »

Electricity Connection Transfer Request Letter Sample

If you’re moving, then it’s time for you to transfer your electricity connection to your new location. All you have to do is write a letter to the person in charge of your connection at the electric company. If you don’t know who that is, simply write, “To Whom It May Concern,” and it will… Read More »

Request Letter for New Electricity Connection

No one can imagine life without electricity anymore, not with all the important appliances, the humming of which in our house has become second nature. It might not be as basic as the need for food and water, though, but at least it comes a close second. There are thousands of everyday activities which are… Read More »