Divorce Settlement Agreement Sample

A divorce can be a hard time on either of the parties involved; it affects their children, and to no small extent, affects each party’s family and environment. It is in these times where both parties need to forget their personal differences, and draft the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement with the utmost… Read More »

Child Visitation Request Letter Sample

After a family is split up in a divorce, they either have joint custody or end up where there is one custodial parent, and the other one has visitation rights. Sometimes, you want to take your child out on holiday or for lunch at a beautiful place, but your next scheduled visit is too far… Read More »

Apology Letter to Boss for Not Following the Rules

Rules are there to protect us. They keep us from harm and ensure that we accomplish the best of ourselves. But still, rules are sometimes broken, whether by mistake or on purpose; though breaking them is always a mistake in itself. It is alright, to err is human. Mistakes happen everywhere, but it is essential… Read More »

Bad News Memo to Employees

Good-news memos or memos addressed to an audience interested in our ideas are relatively easy to write. Such memos can be written deductively in an impartially straightforward method. However, memos that convey bad news need to be written carefully, inductively, and with a positive tone. But bear in mind that being inductive is not synonymous… Read More »

Car Loan Recommendation Letter Sample

Cars are everywhere! Whether you want a Maserati or a more economical Ford Fiesta, you might consider a loan, even if takes 144 months to pay back. I would back you on the Maserati though; I’d go for it myself, just because I can, back with the right recommendations that is. Along with your pay… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Volunteer for Services

When calamity strikes, there is so much suffering and loss. And there are the public servants, and the personnel of the city’s various departments; the Fire Department, the Police, as often mayhem ensues, medics, and all put their lives at risk to save any lives they could. Their efforts are exceptional, and the city is… Read More »

Self-declaration Letter for Visa

If you are traveling to a country where an American citizen needs a visa, whether on arrival, or via that country’s embassy, and you are self-employed, you need to write them a self-declaration letter. A self-declaration letter is usually written to deliver proof of service or income in situations where someone is self-employed, or if… Read More »

Business Thank You Letter for Payment Received

When we receive the payment for the services we have provided someone, we feel genuine happiness for a job well done and some money well earned. It is only natural we would want them to know about that, and how they are welcome to use our services again. In the letter, let the customer or… Read More »

Proof of Income Letter Sample from Employer

You could need proof of income letter for anything from taking a loan, buying a house, traveling to another country, or to decide child support/alimony payments. These letters are written by the employer and include essential information needed to understand the employee’s financial standing; such as the annual pay and bonuses, the position and status… Read More »

Lease Termination Request Letter from Tenant

There could be many reasons for you to want to terminate your lease early. You may be in an awkward financial position and cannot afford a better or as good a place, you may have to move, or the rent may have been increased too much. In most cases, it is recommended to write a… Read More »

Thank You Letter for Political Endorsement

When someone has agreed to endorse you, paid or unpaid, it is something you should thank them for, especially if you reached your goal so that they can continue to support you publically. Political endorsements end up as win-win situations for the political party or politician and the company or VIP endorsing them. This letter… Read More »

Law Enforcement Officer Cover Letter Sample

First of all, if you intend to become an officer of the law and dedicate your life to upholding and protecting the law, then we have the deepest respect for you and hope this article helps you in achieving your goal. There are several steps in law enforcement officer selection; there are written, physical and… Read More »