Sample Announcement Letter of Employee Leaving

When an employee leaves, on good terms or bad, it is necessary for the entire office, if not just their department to know. You can also use the opportunity to announce the new policies in place or the new employee in their place. If the employee had a critical job such as a manager or… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent Requesting a Conference

It is only natural that you may require to have an in-depth discussion about your child with their teacher, and there happens to be no parent-teacher meeting coming up. In this case, it is best to schedule your conference with the teacher. It is always better to write a letter, as the first initiative in… Read More »

Insurance Rebuttal Letter Sample

Sometimes, you receive insurance claim letters, which were either not factually correct or do not have enough proof. Either way, for letters like these, there is no other option but to refuse their claim. The most dignified way to refuse their claims to write them a letter. Try to make it sound like it is… Read More »

Proof of Income Letter for Self Employed

When you need a loan for a car, or if you are buying a new house, or move to a different country, then usually all you need to do to prove that you have the financial stability to pay back the loan. However, if you are self-employed, then it becomes a bit complicated. In your… Read More »

Resignation Letter due to Health Issues

It is possible that when you have specific health issues, you could take some time off from work and maybe even have a paid vacation. However, if the situation is severe and you suffer from a terminal disease or a condition that makes you unfit to work, then there is no choice left but to… Read More »

Apology Letter to Police Officer for Bad Behavior

We all make mistakes in our life at, and it’s only human. Even if we are nice at heart, we sometimes behave in a manner which we often regret. If you have been rude or just shown any undesirable behavior towards an officer of the law, and wish to apologize, you’ve come to the right… Read More »

Apology Letter to Police Officer for Speeding

Being Human beings, we all tend to mess up at some point in our lives. Some mistakes; however, are worse than others. If you have been caught speeding and genuinely feel sorry for what you have done, then you’ve come to the right place! Even if you are a law-abiding and respecting citizen, sometimes the… Read More »

Sample Apology Letter for Disrespectful Behavior

Thanks to Shakespeare, inventor of new words, we are able to express an emotion as complex as contrition and guilt, wrapped in humiliation and self-deprecation, in three compelling words: I am sorry. Genius! The art of apologizing evolved from words said in defense against an accusation, to this! Easier said than done, though, is the… Read More »

Insubordination Apology Letter Sample

The act of apologizing; whether with the magical words of “I’m sorry,” or in deeds, and the act of forgiving, both stem from a human being’s need to belong, in a social circle, society, a tribe, and the office. And both are precious gifts that, if on the right lips, open hearts and strengthens bonds.… Read More »

Insubordination Warning Letter Sample

Dealing with insubordination is pretty straightforward, and is down to 3 basic steps. Talking, warning and termination, and can be rather pleasant if it ends at step 1. However, life is not a textbook, and insubordination can be difficult to prove at times when the insubordination stems from passive-aggressive behavior. Regardless of the covertness, or… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances

“What should I do?”you ask yourself, as you contemplate your unsatisfactory work circumstances. Maybe the work you are doing now is not what you had signed up for in the first place, and maybe it no longer serves your growth and self-realization purposed, perhaps it is time to evolve and move onto a newer challenge.… Read More »

Sample Power of Attorney Letter to Sell Property

Sometimes, you can’t be there in person when you need to sell your property; maybe you’re in another country, or unable to do the work required. In that case, you can give your power of attorney to someone you trust to be there on your behalf. Be sure to read your state law, to see… Read More »