Get Well Soon Letter Sample

Sickness is inevitable. All of us become unwell at some point or another in our lives (some more than others), so we all know the misery associated with illnesses. At a distressing time like this, a get well soon letter from friends, family, co-workers or employers can make all the difference in how one feels.… Read More »

Waiter Recommendation Letter Sample

The first thing that you need to do when leaving your waiter job is to request your employer for a recommendation letter. This document will pave the way for a new waiting or food service position that you may apply for in the future. The world the way it is, trust issues are a significant… Read More »

Accounting Assistant Reference Letter Sample

Recommendation letters are a great way of coming across as a favorable candidate for accounting assistant position in front of prospective employers. They provide employers with information on what the candidate has done in the past and what skills were appreciated in a previous role and skills that will help in a future position. So,… Read More »

Sample Letter to Friend That Owes You Money

Lending money to a friend is a common thing someone does when a friend asks for some money and also promises it back. But when the friend is taking too much time to return the money, then one has to quit waiting and go blunt by asking for the money directly or indirectly, i.e., through… Read More »

Sample Letter to Introduce New Employee to Clients

New employees are usually quite nervous about their first day at work. There is so much to learn and so many people to get to know that it can get very uncomfortable for them to start work on a first day. Icebreakers are becoming popular nowadays with many employers choosing to introduce new employees to… Read More »

Sample Letter of Authorization to Sell Property

For property owners who possess property in places where they do not physically reside, it is often quite difficult to be physically present to handle any transactions. Many people either authorize a friend or a relative and in some cases, their property agent to handle any selling or buying tasks. However, one cannot just tell… Read More »