Thank You Letter for Attending Wedding

Weddings are such splendid occasions. When one is getting married, they want to thank everyone who came to share their special day with them. It may seem trivial to some, but they should know that not everyone has the time to come to a wedding, so if your beloved family and friends make the time… Read More »

Thank You Letter for Attending Event

When people take time out to come to an event, especially if they’re VIPs, they deserve a small thank you for gracing the host with their presence. It’s only natural for someone to think that writing a thank you letter would be a waste of time, but then remember, they could’ve thought attending your event…… Read More »

Job Well Done Recognition Letter to Employee

If you are a manager and you find a certain behavior or standard of work really good then to make sure it occurs more often, some sort of positive reinforcement needs to be put into place. It doesn’t always have to be a bonus or a raise; in fact, sometimes just a simple pat on… Read More »

Job Well Done Recognition Letter Sample to Team

Appreciating people for good work is called positive reinforcement. If one wants to promote good work, then little things like “job well done” letters, and giving out bonuses can go a long way. When a team does their work better than expected then at the very least they deserve a letter of appreciation. Unfortunately, it’s… Read More »

Introduction Letter to Potential Clients Sample

Do you have any idea how agonizing it is to watch a batch of incoming emails on outlook? 45 minutes and still loading! So, instead of staring at that, or musing whether there’s intelligent life in other cubicles, I prefer perusing this pile of good old fashioned letters on my desk. Doesn’t it feel cathartic?… Read More »

New Employee Joining Announcement Letter Sample

A new employee is joining – that means to avoid confusion and to welcome that new employee, an announcement letter should be sent to the entire staff. This letter is the best way to introduce your new member of your work family to everyone, and ensure that they’re welcomed by all. Writing these sorts of… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter to Residents

New Year is a happy time, marking the end of the holiday season. This is a time of new year resolutions, parties and in some cases, goodbyes. Take the opportunity to write a letter to your residents along with all the other people you’re sending cards and letters to. After all they deserve it too.… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Death of Family Member

It does not matter what circumstances prevail – if you have to leave your job, you need to provide a written notice of your intent to leave the company. This is not only a courtesy – it also helps to mobilize your leaving documents and dues. If you up and leave without notice and then… Read More »

Letter Informing Customers of an Employee’s Termination

The awkward moment when no sooner had you made the rounds to your clients’ offices introducing your new employee, you had to make the same rounds, to say: “Actually…” Here are some insights into writing a letter informing customers of an employee’s termination. Almost Ceremonial! Because, as James Sinegal put it, “when employees are happy,… Read More »

Letter Informing Customers of an Employee’s Resignation

When someone from the company resigns, the transition process is neither complete nor meaningful without immediately informing your clients via formal letter. How to break the news? How will they take it? What information needs to be communicated? These are some of the questions that could be on your mind, which I hope this article… Read More »

Parent-Teacher Meeting Letter Sample (Invitation to Parents)

As the New Year draws alongside, the new semester awaits to begin! For an effective, constructive, and successful schoolyear for all, these parent-teacher communications, colloquiums, and conferences are an absolute necessity. Teachers intend to discuss the semester’s goals and expectations with the parents. The parents are enlightened on the syllabi and the child’s learning needs… Read More »

Letter for Non Payment of Child Support

Federal child support laws state that if a non-custodial parent fails to pay child support on time, he or she is liable for legal action. However, most custodial parents may not want to go through the hassle of contacting the non-custodial parent through the law. You can write a letter on your own and make… Read More »