Letter for Non-payment of School Fees (From Parent to School)

Gone through a tough month? The expenses were too high or you may have suffered a loss in business. This happens in life, unfortunately, more often than it should. Usually, when there is a situation like this it’s hard to pay your child’s school fees, and some months you may be able to pay it… Read More »

Apology Letter to Customer for Delay in Response

Is it me or does everyone here just always forget to reply to those e-mails and text messages, which you remembered the whole day, and the second you had time to reply, you forgot! And right before sleeping you remembered, and now you say: Oh, No! I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning!” And you… Read More »

Apology Letter to Customer for Delay in Delivery

Were you busy on Instagram? Or watching the new movie trailers on YouTube? Or was just looking at those adorable cat videos in your newsfeed? And you forgot that you were supposed to be doing your job? And you had to make an important delivery a while ago, and you sent it late, and you… Read More »

Product Introduction Letter to Retailers

Are you launching a new product in stores you’ve worked with regularly, or a small business approaching a retailer for the first time? Tired of letter-writing monotony? Here are a few boredom-buster ideas to help you write a product introduction letter to retailers. Big Things Start Small! One page! Make this your Rule #1: Always… Read More »

Sample Letter for Non Payment of Dues

The customer is always right! That’s what every company says… until the customer is late paying dues. This is the moment the customer is wrong, and you have to make sure they know it. Writing a letter reminding the customer of their nonpayment of dues is sensitive business indeed. How to be polite and demanding… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Customer for Purchase

Business retention is one of the main concerns of most companies – they make a lot of effort to ensure that their customers remain loyal, through delivery of exceptional customer services. Recently, organizations have picked up the activity of writing thank you letters to their customers, especially when they make a sizeable purchase. Some companies even… Read More »

Apology for not Getting Work Done on Time

Sometimes, delays in meeting deadlines are inevitable – you cannot help them. While your supervisor or boss will be happiest if he or she see that you have met all your deadlines, if one isn’t met, you may not be judged too harshly. However, in the event that you have missed a deadline, it is… Read More »

Apology Letter to Dad for Bad Behavior

Are you feeling bad about what you’ve done last night around dinner time? Need to apologize for you bad behavior? A dad is the protector, a hero and a role model. Fathers are a boon for their children, and play a really important role in their lives. He guides, influences, and protects one throughout one’s… Read More »

Sample Letter to Parents about Bad Grades

A teacher has a really important role to play in a student’s life; and if a student of hers, under her wings, performs lowly then the rest, both the student and the teacher feels bad about their own performances. And every now and then, sending a letter or communication with the parents would be malleable… Read More »

Leave Letter for Sister/Brother Marriage to Manager

Guidelines ❖ Leave letters for sibling’s wedding are supposed to be formal and informative. You should keep in mind that weddings don’t fall in the exigency category. ❖ Try your best to send this letter in advance or headway. Make sure that it is simple and that it sounds courteous, and respectful and that it exudes politesse.… Read More »

Power Of Attorney Letter for Car Insurance

It is not abnormal to be unable to handle all your affairs yourself, sometimes you need help. You could be incredibly busy, or growing old or in some cases, both. Whatever it is that has led you to decide to donate your power of attorney to a trusted agent, you need to write a power… Read More »

Sample Letter Informing Customers of Price Increase

The world of economics is ever so changing and dynamic. One second ago transporting your goods was cheap and now fuel prices have shot up so high, they look down upon Mt. Everest. It is understandable that in an unstable economy, your prices would go up and down. It doesn’t matter if you are a… Read More »