Bank Authorization Letter for Cheque Book

Writing a bank authorization letter may be daunting, but you don’t have to feel intimidated by the bank’s shiny floors and faceless tellers. They aren’t as emotionless as you think. They understand the circumstances their customers have to face in the real world and they usually make special exceptions for them. It is always good… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child Absence

School time must be taken seriously. If your child needs to take time off from school because of an illness, or even if you have to take him or her out of the city, you need to let the school know why your child isn’t attending school. While the latter situation is not looked upon… Read More »

Apology Letter to Mom for Attitude

There is no shame in apologizing. This is especially true when it is your mother whom you are apologizing to. Many times, we make mistakes knowing fully well that they will hurt someone – if you have hurt your mom, it is best that you apologize immediately. Remember that your mom will probably forgive you… Read More »

Apology Letter to Dad from Daughter

Your dad is probably the biggest support that you will have in your life. They say that the bond between a father and a daughter is the strongest there is – if a problem occurs, it is best to resolve it right then to make sure that it doesn’t affect the relationship. As a daughter,… Read More »

Power of Attorney Letter for Property

Are you moving far away, worried about your property and who’ll look after it as if his own, or do you want to entrust it to someone who can take better care of it? Whatever your reason may be, you would have to draft out a formal, concise and specific power of attorney letter. You… Read More »

Power of Attorney Letter for Bank Account

It doesn’t matter if you are going abroad, growing old, or just don’t have time to look after your bank account; you’d still need to write a proper power of attorney letter to enable the person you’re trusting your financial affairs to act in your place. The letter is simple enough to write; the trick… Read More »

Lease Termination Letter to Tenant from Landlord

Lease and rent agreements do not go on forever. Usually, a rental agreement is charted out with a particular time frame in mind and once the tenure is over, the tenants have to vacate the premises – unless an addendum for time increase is added into the original agreement. If you have had a tiresome… Read More »

Hunting Permission Letter Sample

Hunting is considered a sport but this particular sport has many restrictions when it comes to obtaining permission. After all, you cannot hunt just anywhere (or anything). There are laws that govern where and what you can hunt and you have to abide by them. If there is a particular area where you want to… Read More »

Child Support Payment Request Letter Sample

Child support payments are sometimes hard to obtain from non-custodial parents who have little or no idea about how a custodial parent is handling the expenses associated with raising children. Upon separation or divorce, the court usually decides what amount needs to be paid to the custodial parent, and also charts out an effective payment… Read More »

Letter to a Grocery Store Asking for Donation

Little in this world gives more joy than that which giving gives. Your being here says you’re a kind, caring soul. So, before you scroll down to read more on how to write a letter to a grocery store asking them for donations, thank you for your generosity. If you have a success story, share… Read More »

Letter Written to Mother of Autistic Child

There are times when a situation or a person affects us so much that we have a certain urge to respond to it. With autism on the rise in recent years, we often come across children suffering from the condition – but coming out shining nonetheless! Many people judge children (or even adults) with autism… Read More »

Termination of Sales Contract Letter Sample

A sales contract termination letter is a simple document outlining when and why you intend to finish business relationships with an agency or vendor. This particular document is usually written in a letter format, detailing that the terms of a sales contract are no longer valid. This type of letter does not have to be… Read More »