Letter Written to Mother of Autistic Child

There are times when a situation or a person affects us so much that we have a certain urge to respond to it. With autism on the rise in recent years, we often come across children suffering from the condition – but coming out shining nonetheless! Many people judge children (or even adults) with autism… Read More »

Termination of Sales Contract Letter Sample

A sales contract termination letter is a simple document outlining when and why you intend to finish business relationships with an agency or vendor. This particular document is usually written in a letter format, detailing that the terms of a sales contract are no longer valid. This type of letter does not have to be… Read More »

Lunch Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

If the thought of appearing for an interview instills fear in you, you need to rethink your coping strategy. Learning to go with the flow is important while preparing for an interview. If you do not pay attention to the preparation part of an interview, your chances of success diminish. Do not let that happen.… Read More »

End of Year Letter from Parent to Teacher

Another year comes to pass and your child is older, stronger, taller and getting ready for the hurdles of the next academic year. What better way to wind up this school year than writing a letter to your child’s teacher, under whose watchful patience your child has grown, learned and flourished so much. Show the… Read More »

End of Year Letter to Parents from Teacher

The end of the year draws nigh and you just said goodbye to a million little rascals you’ve taught for a year. Some of them, if not all, have little places in your heart. As everything is winding up, it’s time to write a letter to the parents who were cooperative or whose children you’ve… Read More »

Christmas Party Letter to Employees

Christmas is not far away and the feeling of happiness and giving is palpable. Even at the workplace, the spirit of Christmas is high, with many people counting the days when the biggest event of the year will come! With everyone in such a festive mood, a corporate Christmas party is an absolute must. If… Read More »

Emergency Leave Letter for Wife Illness

Whether you are newlyweds or age old veterans, all married couples have one thing in common i.e. codependence. When one is weak the other becomes strong enough for both, and when one is down they can always see a hand reaching out to pull them back up, to catch them when they fall, dry their… Read More »

Emergency Leave Letter for Family Problem

Walk into a workplace, and you could almost see the thought balloons: “My kid’s school called. Another fight!” “We just fired the nurse. I have to take care of mom till we find another.” “The babysitter bailed on us, again!” Sometimes it’s harder to balance work and family. Sometimes there’s no choice but to take… Read More »

Termination Letter Due to Theft

Theft at the workplace is a serious offence. If an employer finds out that a theft has taken place, he or she will have no choice but to terminate the services of the offending employee, and possibly call in the authorities. Even if the employee in question has worked for the organization for a long… Read More »

Thank You Letter to CEO after Meeting

Thank you letters can be written in virtually any situation that deserves appreciation. A thank you letter can be used not only to tell an individual or a team that you appreciate something, but can also be used as an excuse to reach out to them. Letters of these type strengthen bonds between people, especially… Read More »

Thank You Note to Customer for Purchase

Customers are businesses’ prime assets – this is no secret. And to be able to retain their business, one has to go through many things, just to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with the services that they have been provided, and the products that they have bought. While it is not really… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Teacher from Parent

If your child loves going to school, you’ve got a teacher to thank for that. And even if that’s not the case, writing a letter to your child’s teacher, appreciating their efforts, might motivate them to work harder. Expressing gratitude to another person is always a win-win, and in this case, it goes to someone… Read More »