Child Support Cancellation Letter Sample

You may have heard of child support agreement letters but have you heard of agreements where child support termination is agreed upon? Well, you can agree on not receiving child support if you feel that you can handle the expenses of your child by yourself. Or if your ex-spouse has given you enough during the… Read More »

Receptionist Recommendation Letter Sample

When you are applying for a receptionist position in an organisation that asks for a letter of recommendation, you can ask a teacher or previous employer to write one for you. Recommendation letters are considered as good social etiquette when introducing an individual in the capacity of receptionist. The letter is written to introduce you to the… Read More »

Teacher’s Aide Letter of Interest Sample

When you see a job advertisement in a newspaper or a website, you write a cover letter to apply. When you are unsure if there is an open position in an organization, you write a letter of interest. A cover letter is pretty simple to write – the employer is expecting dozens of application for… Read More »

No Child Support Agreement Letter Sample

Child support is one of the most important things that one has to think about in the event of a divorce or separation. The custodial parent (usually the mother) must have a certain amount of money each month to look after and provide for her child. And it is the duty of the non-custodial parent… Read More »

Offer to Purchase Property Letter Sample

When you are interested in a property because it meets all your real estate buying needs and requirements, it is best to put in an offer to buy it as soon as possible. Any delays might mean the deal going to someone else. How do you make an offer in a professional manner? You write… Read More »

Note to Parents for Holiday

Working in a school office, you will be asked to write letters of all sorts – and that too quite often. One type of letter that is written on many occasions is a holiday note. Dodgy political circumstances or bad weather are usually the two main reasons for giving days off from school. A school… Read More »

Labor Day Holiday Note

Labor Day holiday is something that we all look forward to. While it may mean something completely different for some people, most consider it a holiday that they can use to enjoy voluntary confinement to their houses, or pay visits to recreational places. The excitement associated with Labor Day is almost electric, with people making… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent to Sell Property to Tenant

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sell your house to the tenant who has occupied it for some time, and not have to look for a buyer? Perfect situation! If your tenant has shown interest in buying the property, he may ask you to send him a letter of intent to show him… Read More »

Complaint Letter to Lender for Violating Law

It is not only borrowers who violate laws at time – lenders have also been known to violating the law by indulging into nefarious activities – or even mistakenly. In such an event when you have been subjected to a violation of this sort, the best way to sort it out is by writing a… Read More »

Visitation Schedule for Out of Town Parents

In circumstances when a child cannot possible live with both parents at the same time, owing to separation or divorce, a visiting schedule is decided amongst the parents to provide access of care and support to the child. A visiting schedule may be as simple as charting out the terms and timings that the non-custodial… Read More »

School Closed Letter to Parents

Usually, schools have all their holidays planned out in a term calendar, which is given to all parents at the beginning of a term. This is to make sure that parents are aware of the holidays that they are entitled to and that queries to the school office regarding this issue are limited. However, there… Read More »

Sample Memo for Cost Cutting Measures

Cost cutting is something many of us have to resort to if we want to stay afloat in these days of inflation. It is not just individuals that resort to cost cutting but organizations as well. In fact, organizations need to do this more as they need to keep a balance between what they earn… Read More »