Sample Letter of Intent to Sell Property to Tenant

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sell your house to the tenant who has occupied it for some time, and not have to look for a buyer? Perfect situation! If your tenant has shown interest in buying the property, he may ask you to send him a letter of intent to show him… Read More »

Complaint Letter to Lender for Violating Law

It is not only borrowers who violate laws at time – lenders have also been known to violating the law by indulging into nefarious activities – or even mistakenly. In such an event when you have been subjected to a violation of this sort, the best way to sort it out is by writing a… Read More »

Visitation Schedule for Out of Town Parents

In circumstances when a child cannot possible live with both parents at the same time, owing to separation or divorce, a visiting schedule is decided amongst the parents to provide access of care and support to the child. A visiting schedule may be as simple as charting out the terms and timings that the non-custodial… Read More »

School Closed Letter to Parents

Usually, schools have all their holidays planned out in a term calendar, which is given to all parents at the beginning of a term. This is to make sure that parents are aware of the holidays that they are entitled to and that queries to the school office regarding this issue are limited. However, there… Read More »

Sample Memo for Cost Cutting Measures

Cost cutting is something many of us have to resort to if we want to stay afloat in these days of inflation. It is not just individuals that resort to cost cutting but organizations as well. In fact, organizations need to do this more as they need to keep a balance between what they earn… Read More »

Feedback Letter about Child Development from School

Child development feedback isn’t something that you will see a lot of schools provide. However, schools that are conscientious and concerned about their students make sure that parents are made aware of any development issues or milestones that their child is going through. A feedback letter about child development is usually sent by a school… Read More »

Refund of Security Deposit Letter

The security deposit amount is the right of the person who has deposited the money at the beginning of an agreement. This agreement could be a school admission, or more likely, a rental contract. In the latter situation, the security deposit amount needs to be refunded at the end of a tenancy agreement – any… Read More »

Notice to Tenant to Sell Property from Landlord

As a landlord, you may want to sell the property that you have initially let or rented to someone. Your reason could be anything – maybe you need the cash, cut your losses or you just want to move to another city or state, making this whole landlord business difficult to pursue. Whatever your reason… Read More »

Daycare Closing Letter to Parents Sample

Running a business or a facility like a daycare is difficult. As difficult is shutting it down, especially if a number of people depend on you for the services that you provide. But in the event that you have no choice but to close down, you will need to inform the parents of the children… Read More »

Sample Hardship Letter for Loan Modification

Most of us try to pay off our loans – whether mortgage or personal finance – as quickly as we can, or at least, pay the installments on time. But one never knows when one might not have a choice but to fall behind on a payment or two. If you are presently going through… Read More »

Sample Letter to Cancel Child Support

Cancellation of child support may be done for several reasons. While most custodial parents would not resort to cancelling child support that is keeping them afloat and their child secure, at times the circumstances do call for it. Even divorced parents sometimes make amends with each other and come upon a mutual agreement to support… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent to buy Property

A letter of intent to buy property is usually written under three circumstances: • You want to document the terms tentatively agreed upon for the purchase of property. • You wish to provide the seller with some evidence of your decision to buy the said property. • You do not wish to commit to a… Read More »