Termination Letter Due to Theft

Theft at the workplace is a serious offence. If an employer finds out that a theft has taken place, he or she will have no choice but to terminate the services of the offending employee, and possibly call in the authorities. Even if the employee in question has worked for the organization for a long… Read More »

Thank You Letter to CEO after Meeting

Thank you letters can be written in virtually any situation that deserves appreciation. A thank you letter can be used not only to tell an individual or a team that you appreciate something, but can also be used as an excuse to reach out to them. Letters of these type strengthen bonds between people, especially… Read More »

Thank You Note to Customer for Purchase

Customers are businesses’ prime assets – this is no secret. And to be able to retain their business, one has to go through many things, just to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with the services that they have been provided, and the products that they have bought. While it is not really… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Teacher from Parent

If your child loves going to school, you’ve got a teacher to thank for that. And even if that’s not the case, writing a letter to your child’s teacher, appreciating their efforts, might motivate them to work harder. Expressing gratitude to another person is always a win-win, and in this case, it goes to someone… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Teacher for Support

Teachers don’t just teach their subject, they teach who they are. They teach humility, patience, enthusiasm and perseverance. They inspire us to rise higher than ourselves to a living a life of service. They teach us to never give up on our dreams. As your school, college or graduate year comes to an end, in… Read More »

Thank You to Customers for their Business

Thanksgiving is over? It’s okay, because anytime is a good time to be thankful to your customers for their business. It’s important to have your employees write thank you notes to your customers regularly. It’s a great mood booster for your own people, because the good energy that comes from saying thank you has to… Read More »

Agreement Letter to Change Child Support

Child support agreements are difficult to decide upon but once it is decided what terms child support is to be paid and received on, they usually remain that way – unless one of the parents decides that there needs to be a change. Making changes to a child support agreement is not usually an issue… Read More »

Thank You Letter to Teacher for Recommendation

The Chicago Cubs, Jim Carrey, mac ‘n’ cheese, and thank you notes to teachers. What’s in common with all these? We definitely need more of these! And even if you’re not a Cubs’ fan, you most probably wouldn’t disagree with the fact that our teachers have played a very important part to do with who… Read More »

Sample Notice of Intent to Foreclose

Writing a foreclosure letter to a client may be quite an unpleasant job but if it has to be done, it has to be done. A notice of intent to foreclose is written in the event that a client has failed to make payments owed to a mortgage or a loan company or the bank.… Read More »

Thanksgiving Party Letter to Parents from Teacher

Thanksgiving is a great time to reach out to people one has not been in touch with for some time. But Thanksgiving is not just a time for family and friends. Nowadays, it is quite the norm for employers to write to employees, teachers to parents, and coworkers to each other. As a teacher, you… Read More »

Apology Letter for Stealing from Family

The consequences of theft are never pleasant. Stealing from a family member is an entirely different matter altogether. The amount of guilt involved is much more than when you would steal from someone who is not a family member. If you have found yourself in a situation where your stealing habit has been made known… Read More »

Sample Letter to Boss Requesting a Day Off

It’s the dreaded ask-for-time-off letter isn’t it that landed you here? If I were your boss I’d say “go take care of it, I’ll cover for you.” And if I’m in a good mood I’d even give Mondays off, but I’m a rare being; I’m from the 1%. What I can do for you though… Read More »